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Es’hail 2 frequency measurements

After being busy with other projects, I have resumed my frequency measurements of the Es’hail 2 beacons. The last measurement I performed was made when the satellite reached its operational slot at 26ºE. After manoeuvering to this spot, the Doppler was very small, on the order of 0.8ppb peak-to-peak, indicating a very accurate geostationary orbit.… Continue reading Es’hail 2 frequency measurements


2021-10-30, Space and Satellite Symposium – The Role of Information Theory in Space with Special Emphasis on Amateur Radio and Amateur Satellite, online, 32APSK Narrowband Modem for the QO-100 GEO Amateur Radio Transponder. Youtube recording. PDF slides. 2021-09-22, GNU Radio Conference 2021, Charlotte and online, workshop: GNU Radio on the Allen Telescope Array (with Steve… Continue reading Talks