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Measuring the gain of a dish

Here I want to show a technique for measuring the gain of a dish that I first learned from an article by Christian Monstein about the Moon’s temperature at a wavelength of 2.77cm. The technique only uses power measurements from an observation of a radio source, at different angles from the boresight. Ideally, the radio… Continue reading Measuring the gain of a dish

An overview of IARU R1 interim meeting proposals

The IARU R1 interim meeting is being held in Vienna, Austria, on April 27 and 28. This post is an overview of the proposals that will be presented during this meeting, from the point of view of the usual topics that I treat in this blog. The proposals can be found in the conference documents.… Continue reading An overview of IARU R1 interim meeting proposals

Es’hail 2 frequency measurements

After being busy with other projects, I have resumed my frequency measurements of the Es’hail 2 beacons. The last measurement I performed was made when the satellite reached its operational slot at 26ºE. After manoeuvering to this spot, the Doppler was very small, on the order of 0.8ppb peak-to-peak, indicating a very accurate geostationary orbit.… Continue reading Es’hail 2 frequency measurements


2022-02-06, FOSDEM 2022, Voyager 1 adventures. PDF slides. 2021-10-30, Space and Satellite Symposium – The Role of Information Theory in Space with Special Emphasis on Amateur Radio and Amateur Satellite, online, 32APSK Narrowband Modem for the QO-100 GEO Amateur Radio Transponder. Youtube recording. PDF slides. 2021-09-22, GNU Radio Conference 2021, Charlotte and online, workshop: GNU… Continue reading Talks