FUNcube telemetry submitter for gr-satellites

After doing a PW-Sat2 telemetry submitter, I’ve set out to add an telemetry submitter for the FUNcube telemetry server. I’ve been in contact with Dave Johnson G4DPZ, who has been kind enough to send me a Java example explaining how the submission protocol works.

The protocol is very simple. It is based on a HTTP POST request whose content is the telemetry frame in hex. To prevent spoofing, some sort of HMAC formed by an MD5 digest of the message concatenated with a user-specific authorization code is used in the POST url. The authorization code is distributed to each user when registering on the server. The Python implementation of the telemetry submitter is here.

To use the submitter in gr-satellites, you need to obtain your Site Id (or username) and the Authorization code (which is usually sent to you by email when registering). See the README for how these parameters have to be specified in the decoder.


  1. Thanks for this new feature. I could submit JY-97 beacon.
    But I can’t submit AO-73 . There is NO message about submitter. Do you any information about this?

    1. Hi, I have just checked and the ao73.grc flowgraph in the latest version of gr-satellites does have the “FUNcube Telemetry Submitter” block. Please check that your flowgraph does have that block indeed. Also, do you get any error when trying to submit? It is weird that you have this working for JY-97 but not for AO-73.

  2. Yes, my ao73.grc has that block.
    I got error Reply: UNAUTHORIZED at first try, but after fixing auth code, it have gone.

    1. If you don’t get the message “FUNcube server error while submitting telemetry” then it means that the server has accepted the telemetry, so everything is OK with gr-satellites. If your packet doesn’t appear then on the web interface, then I think this should be a problem with the server.

      Maybe the fact that JY-97 works OK for your but AO-73 not points to the fact that they are moving things to the new server. I’m not sure, so I’ll ask the people in charge of the server.

  3. Hi

    AO73 is using for data upload and display at the moment.

    Packets sent to will be stored and added to you score on that machine but will be unavailable for display.

    We will merge them very soon.


    Dave, G4DPZ

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